Having an account with us not only will enhance your businesses, it gives you priority when you book with us. It also gives you the freedom to choose what car you want at what time, as well as the option to the level of service you want – whether you just need to get from A to B as soon as possible, or if you want to make the best impression.

How will having an account facilitate your businesses transportation needs?

MeetingDo you have a business? Do you send employees to meetings all around London? Do you require speedy transfers within London? Is it painful to try and find transfers last minute and arrange accounts to make payment? No need to stress or worry any longer! Minicab Tottenham will provide you and your business with an account to make all the simple stresses go away.

What we do! – If you would like to set up an account we will email you an application form that will require you to fill out correctly and send back to us. Once minicab Tottenham has received your application form we will process it and see if your application is successful. Once it passes through we email you with an account number and password which you could change at any point. Why having an account is useful? – When you set up an account with us you could call and provide us with your account number and password and we will arrange for a cab within minutes. Once your employees or family members have been transferred they will not need to pay. We will take payment from your account on a monthly basis meaning you do not need to contact accounts every minute.

If interested what to do? – If this is something that you would like to discuss with us give us a call and our team will get right on it to try and support you.